Whoa! I’m running short of words right now, but I cannot afford this because I have to speak.
Thank you so much for all the love, for all the warmth. Thank you all for accepting me. Thank you very much.
Well, I always start my talk with a disclaimer. And that disclaimer is that I have never claimed to be a motivational speaker. Yes, I do speak. But I feel more like a storyteller, because wherever I go, I share a story with everyone.
Well, it is a story of a woman whose perfectly imperfect life made her who and what she is today.
It’s the story of a woman who in pursuit of her dreams and aspirations made other people realize that if you think that your life is hard and you’re giving up on that, because you think your life is unfair, think again.
Because when you think that way, you are being unfair to your own self.
It’s the story of a woman who made people realize that sometimes problems are not too big; we are too small, because we cannot handle them.
It is the story of a woman who with time realized the real happiness doesn’t lie in success, money, fame; it lies within. Real happiness lies in gratitude.
So I am here and I’m going to share the story of that woman. That is my story — the story of gratitude.