And you know how it all began. That day I decided that I am going to fight my fears. We all have fears. Fear of unknown, fear of known. Fear of losing people. Fear of losing health, money. We want to excel in career. We want to become famous. We want get money. We are scared all the time.
So I wrote down one by one, all those fears. And I decided that I am going to overcome these fears one at a time. You know what was my biggest fear? Divorce. I couldn’t stand this word.
I was trying to cling on to this person who didn’t want me anymore. But I said no, I have to make it work. But the day I decided that this is nothing but my fear, I liberated myself by setting him free. And I made myself emotionally so strong that the day I got news that he is getting married, I sent him a text and said, “I am so happy for you and I wish you all the best”. And he knows that I pray for him today.
My biggest fear number two was: I won’t be able to be a mother again, and that was quite devastating for me. But then I realized there are so many children in the world, all they want is acceptance. So there is no point of crying, just go and adopt one. That’s what I did.
I gave my name in different organizations, different orphanages. I didn’t mention that I am on a wheelchair, dying to have a child. So I just told them that this is Muniba Mazari and she wants to adopt a boy or girl whatsoever. But I wanted to adopt a kid.
And I waited patiently. Two years later, I got this call from a very small city in Pakistan. I got a call and they said, “Are you Muniba Mazari? There is a baby boy. Would you like to adopt?”