So, I decided instead of starting an NGO for disability awareness which I know will not help anyone, I started to appear more in public. I started to paint. I always wanted to. I have done a lot of exhibitions, I am Pakistan’s first wheelchair-bound artist. I have done a lot of modeling campaigns, different campaigns for brands like Toni & Guy.
I have done some really funny breaking the barriers kinds of modeling. There was this one by the name ClownTown where I became a clown because I know that clowns have hearts too.
And then I also decided that if I really want to make a difference, I am not going to let people use me for their pull your campaigns where they will make you a victim or an emblem of misery and mercy and will say that, you know what, give all your drops to your children or they will become like this girl.
I decided that I am going to join the National TV of Pakistan as an anchor person. And I have been doing a lot of shows for the last three years.
So, when you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you. It all starts from within.
I became the national goodwill ambassador for UN Women, Pakistan. And now I speak for the rights of women and children. We talk about inclusion, diversity, gender equality which is a must.